Our computerized energy management systems enable the customer or TLP to remotely monitor and regulate the temperatures throughout their facility.

This same system monitors the condition, operation and efficiency of their equipment as well. From our offices or theirs, easy to read computer screens display all of the critical and non-critical diagnostics of the environment and equipment.

From an offsite location, a customer can manage (or choose TLP to manage) a system's operations and make adjustments as needed. Furthermore, equipment failures can be detected and in most cases corrected without ever stepping away from the PC. In the event that the situation cannot be rectified remotely, an onsite service call can then be automatically initiated.

These systems return dollars and cents to the customer in many ways. Our technicians spend little or no time detecting the problem since many times the diagnostics have already determined the problem area. In addition, needless service calls are often avoided due to more accurate detection or remote remediation.

Even if remote management is not utilized, our energy management systems still offer many benefits. When our technicians arrive at your facility, they connect a laptop PC to your equipment. A diagnostics is then run helping to quickly pinpoint the problem, or in the event of maintenance; it assists in evaluating the unit's operation.

This cost cutting technology is something that we are truly excited about.