Industrial Design & Control

TLP currently is under contract to maintain several industrial and distribution facilities. Our main focus is energy efficient operation of units through proper design and prevention, as well as using the highest quality of machinery available. In regards to installations in this sector, we take particular care in the design and selection phase. Our years of experience allow us to install systems that deliver balanced temperatures coupled with minimal energy consumption.

Office, School, Etc., Design & Control

TLP's office, church and school customer list is vast as a result of responsiveness and knowing the important issues to address when managing the climate of these type facilities: balanced and cycled temperatures in conjunction with energy management.

While performing unscheduled repair services, we make an issue of causing the least amount of disruption to the ongoing work environment. Whether this environment is that of an office, school, or a church, we've gained valuable insight over the years on how to ultimately accomplish the needed repairs with minimal discontinuity in the planned day's events of our customers.

High-Tech Design & Control

TLP collaborates directly with IT Management when designing the installation requirements as well as the climate stability levels. We realize the 24/7 necessity of this environment and offer remote energy management systems to ensure that mission critical facilities operate uninterrupted in an environment that is conducive to both hardware and staff.